How do I volunteer with Frontline? 

Simply click on the GET INVOLVED tab in the top navigation menu and fill out the online form. There's one form for healthcare providers, and one for non-providers. If you’re based in the United States, you may also need to complete an online diversity-awareness class (we’ll provide details for the 2.5-hour training once we receive your application). 

How will I know when and where I’m needed? 

Frontline will post volunteer opportunities on our Facebook page.  

In some cases, volunteers may be contacted privately about a volunteer opportunity in their community.

Is there a way to recognize other Frontline workers in my area? 

We’ll connect volunteers in specific areas when a need for service arises, and will profile volunteers here from time to time. We respect the wishes of volunteers, and connect those who want to be connected with a volunteer in their area. 

Will I have to travel? 

Only if you want to, and the need arises. Some volunteer positions allow a person to do their work from home (telemedicine, for example, online research, some kinds of logistics work). Whether a person travels for Frontline partly depends on whether she or he wants to travel, can work on-site at field assignments. It also depends on the nature of the need we have for supporting people and resistance communities. 

How can I get others involved? 

You can encourage friends to consider volunteering, and direct them to this website and our Facebook group. We actively recruit those who wish to support human rights and social justice.

What kinds of services do you provide? 

Our primary mission is supporting people engaged in social-justice work (which includes working on behalf of human rights and environmental justice). In special cases we address the health and wellness needs of victims of social or environmental injustice. Some of those services include (but aren’t limited to): mental-health services, wellness services, art-therapy and alternative care, direct care, training in conflict resolution and nonviolence; direct care and preventative healthcare in sanctuary communities; and other services intended to sustain social-and-environmental-justice workers and communities, and nonviolent civil-resistance movements.

Do I qualify for care? 

The best way to find out is to click on the GET CARE tab on the main menu and send us a message describing your circumstances. All messages from the GET CARE form are sent to an encrypted server to protect patient confidentiality, per HIPPA regulations in the United States. 

In general, you qualify if you're a social-justice worker, an environmental-justice worker, a human-rights advocate working actively for that cause, if you're the victim of police brutality or certain other forms of injustice, if you're a whistleblower or you actively work to make injustices public in the media or other venues that publicly call on corporations, government agencies and officials to account for unjust and/or illegal practices, policies or procedures. 


Frontline Wellness United, Inc. is a nonprofit organization registered with the State of West Virginia in the United States. Our EIN is 82-3010947. Our West Virginia Control Number is 9AJQC. Frontline is also a registered nonprofit in the State of Ohio.

Frontline is not accepting donations at this time.